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pizza, pasta shop website design and development
pizza, pasta shop website design and development

Reasons a restaurant website is Important

A website is a restaurant’s main home online. It’s the place customers that already know you will check first when they want information about you. And it’s the main way new customers looking for options when they’re hungry will learn about you.Having a restaurant website provides a number of undeniable benefits.

• A restaurant website makes your restaurant easier to find.

When someone wakes up hungry and types “breakfast taco near me” into their phone or laptop, they’re only going to see results that have an online presence. having a website still plays a big role in how easily customers are able to find you online.

• People can browse your menu via restaurant website design.

Making your menu available online is useful for everyone, but becomes especially important for any potential customers that have food allergies or are picky eaters. For example, someone who can’t eat gluten needs to know before they show up to your restaurant whether there’s anything on the menu they can actually eat. 

• Online ordering is now expected on your restaurant website

Now that most of your consumer base is sheltering in place, the main way people are frequenting restaurants is through online orders. If you don’t have a website, you aren’t giving housebound customers a way to order from you.

pizza, pasta shop website design and development
pizza, pasta shop website design and development

• You give people a heads up about your restaurant hours.

Have you ever made the trip to a restaurant you were looking forward to, only to find it closed? You were probably already hungry and had to figure out an alternative option in a rush—not a fun experience. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on any regularity that once existed in restaurant schedules, the risk of this experience has increased.

You don’t want to disappoint customers that are already stressed out. A website is the best way to keep up-to-date information about your hours and what types of service you’re offering all in a central location.

• You can enable and highlight customer reviews.

A lot of restaurants like to claim they offer the best pizza, tacos, or BBQ in their city, but most customers can see right through those claims—unless they’re backed up by customer reviews. If you allow customer reviews on your website and person after person talks up how delicious your pasta dishes or enchiladas are, every website visitor will see and pay attention. 

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